Gala Pera Restaurant

About Us

Placed on nicest area of Phosphorus Historical Galata Bridge, peerless Phosphorous scenery,Omega Replica Watches which is positioned to be seeing the best historical half islands scenery gives offering to who are living in Istanbul and whom are visiting Istanbul over 100 years You can have joyful time while sea gull s are singing and scenery of fisher man s near by which we give 10 years of service in our venue.

Master Chefs are turning the experience into delicious taste of delicious appetizer s (Meze s), fresh marine products, wide range of wines we will be happy and proud to serve you on your special days at Gala Pera Restaurant. Istanbul s smell of history corner which is at Galata Like "Gala Pera Restaurant we will be hosting as new stop of taste.

Omega Replica We will be happy to o entertain you and your guests who are coming to Gala Pera which it has magical ambiance of Incredible Topkapi palace and view of Phosphorous .