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Barrel bridge for the Corum replica Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Excalibur Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon

We can see that the barrel bridge has had its edges chamfered (along with the tourbillon cage -- which is not visible here).

This is where we can see the edges of the small seconds counter, and the part of the bridge connecting to the keyless works, and the parallel lines of carbon layers. These lines correspond with the unique method it is made using sheets of carbon fiber that are stacked on top of one another and then bonded with resin. The appearance of the parallel layers of carbon fiber is dependent on the angle at which the carbon component is placed and polished.

This is another example of the same idea as the one in the previous The bezel is now finished so that we can see the concentric circular lines echoing its shape.

One thing that one notices about the finished components is the emphasis on the aesthetic qualities of the underlying materials. Carbon has a certain organic and rough quality that is very different to metal (in most instances brass) components for movement components.

This is a close-up view of the movement of the Excalibur Spider Pirelli-Automatic Skeleton this year. It shows what I mean by the surface texture of the rhodium-plated movement. The carbon has a more organic feel, but it is smoother.

Metals are homogenous, which means that samples from different producers will be the same if the technical aspects are correctly defined. This property is not available to carbon because it is made of different ingredients by different producers all over the world. These producers, which are few, tend to keep their proprietary processes secret. Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches The technical value of what they produce will vary depending on how many refinements they can make. This explains the variety of ways carbon can look when it is finished. In this instance, the layered structure causes parallel lines to appear that alternate between shiny and black.

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